Importance of Glycans in Biological Processes:

Glycans are carbohydrate structures found on cell surfaces and play crucial roles in various biological processes, including cell signaling, neoplasia, and viral infections. Understanding glycan-protein interactions is challenging due to limited access to synthetic glycans and technical analysis difficulties.

Significance of Norovirus (NoV) Infections:

Human noroviruses (NoVs) are a primary cause of viral gastroenteritis, resulting in health issues, economic losses, and especially in immunocompromised individuals, like in vulnerable populations. Additionally, the emergence of new NoV genotypes and variants can trigger widespread outbreaks and epidemics.

Research Goals of GlycoNoVi Project:

GlycoNoVi project addresses NoV glycan interactions, explores synthetic glycans as antiviral treatments, trains 10 researchers, and unites academic and industrial experts. It’s structured into research-focused work packages (WP1-5) for training and (WP6-8) for outreach, advancing NoV infection understanding.


News & Events

GlycoNoVi Workshop 1
Siena 13th-15th of November The first GlycoNoVi workshop concluded recently on the 15th of November,...
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First workshop is approaching
The inaugural workshop for the GlycoNoVi project is set to take place in Siena, Italy, in the middle...
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The GlycoNoVi project has started
The GlycoNoVi project has recently initiated its groundbreaking journey. This ambitious initiative aims...
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